CIMT Test Results

The Report

Sample CIMT ReportWe will send you or the ordering physician a report with the findings, and an explanation of what they mean in your particular case. We will include a statement of your risk, how the findings compare to others in the population. You should take these results and discuss them with your physician, to help create an action plan that is customized to you personally.


Another way of looking at the results: Are your arteries as young as you feel? We will include your arterial age as part of the test results. This is a very effective way to communicate the findings: if you're 50 and we tell you that you have the arteries of an 80 year old, you don't need a lot more explanation.

Remember that this is a screening test only, and the results are solely for informational purposes. SCREENING IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, PREVENT, OR CURE ANY CONDITION. Screening tests will be interpreted by a qualified physician and the results will be sent directly to the patient. It is the patient's responsibility to share the screening results with his or her primary care physician or other appropriate physicians invoved in the patient's care.

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